Hitchhiking Australia Part 0 – Prologue, Perth

The route from Perth to Cairns will take me along West and North coast of Australia. Approximately 8000 Km through plains of scrub with small remote towns and roadhouses. I plan to hike in national parks along the way and see as much as I can. It won’t be easy. Visiting Fraser Island, Ayers rock and travel through Nullabor in 2018 were challenging. I consider parts of this trip to be the most difficult to hitchhike in Australia. Small number of people traveling, big distances between towns and difficult climate are a tough combo to overcome. I picked the best time, there is a small chance of flood and fire, while temperature in North Australia varies between 25-30 degree of Celsius.

I land in Perth middle of the night and go through the immigration check. There are few questions being asked about the purpose of my trip and 6 kg on my back. I follow the standard procedure, ATM and sim card, I’m ready to leave.

My couchsurfing host is awaiting me. Murray offered to host me again. I am arriving late, being an awesome guy, he picks me up from the airport at 2am. Australian winter is coming and nights in Perth are chilly. I’m catching cold. Quick shower and straight to warm bed.

I wake up and hear birds singing. Murray is already up. A quiet morning in his amazing garden.

Murray’s garden

There are few items I need to purchase before my travel. Murray helps me out with a yoga mat left by another backpacker. I ask for scissors and cut it to optimise its size. I find a great tent in the Big W store. With its small size, 1.35 kg of weight and 14 AUD price tag it’s a perfect purchase. My emergency food supply consists of a mix of nuts, seeds and dry fruits, which is easy to carry and nutritious.

My favourite place in Perth is Kings Park. It has an amazing variety of flora and the most beautiful view of Perth.

Perth, view from Kings Park

Sometimes I use couchsurfing to socialise. Marco is a friendly German backpacker. We share travel stories and sightsee the park together.

Kings Park

I’m excited to hitchhike and impatient of new adventures. I enjoy the meal and few games of pool with Murray. Early morning, he drops me at gas station at the outskirts of Perth. A warm farewell. My journey begins.

A warm farewell with Murray

3 thoughts on “Hitchhiking Australia Part 0 – Prologue, Perth

  1. Didn’t recognize the Roman I know……on your blog photo….very dapper with collar and tie….lol….think I relate more to the shorts, t-shirt and thongs….. Murray


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