Hitchhiking \ travel tips

Tip 001 LifeStraw

LifeStraw water filter bottle

This is when I recommend this amazing water filter. It can clean up to 1000 litres of water taking care of all biological hazard. You can use it to drink water from lakes and rivers as long as there is no chemical in it. You can purchase in online or find in stores for 30 – 40 dollars.

Tip 002 Couchsurfing


It’s a website \ travel community, which I’ve been part of for a couple of years. I’ve created an account with my profile while travelling Europe. I had people in multiple countries offering me a free accommodation, I socialised with other travelers and made some great friends.

Tip 003 Head torch

This little thing saved my ass. Sometimes your phone is just not enough. Especially when you try to find your way back using GPS.

Tip 004 Hitchhiking – personal contact and empathy

I had a couple of thousands of drivers in over 20 countries. From my experience the most important thing is personal contact. It’s usually easier to find a ride once you communicate face to face rather than being anonymous silhouette standing on the side of the route. I tend to look for rides at petrol stations and red lights at the outskirts of towns. You can select your driver and you feel more comfortable during the journey. Empathy, being able to place yourself in other person situation and understanding their motive, is also important. There is no point pushing your agenda on another person. If someone says no to your request, smile, say thank you and wish a pleasant day. It’s all about the experience and sharing it with another person, you should both enjoy it.

Tip 005 Laundromat

While travelling for longer period of time places like laundromat come very handy. Within a couple of hours you can wash and dry your clothes. This way I travel light, 2 kg of clothes is more than enough. I save time and I feel comfortable. The last thing you want is to make your driver or host uncomfortable because you smell.

Tip 006 Library

There are so many amazing things about it. Free source of knowledge, a potential to charge the phone, use computer, free WiFi and toilet. You can hide from rain, heat, cold, relax and socialise.

Tip 007 Looking good

My name is B… Roman B. Looking good is (un)fortunately relevant. It’s easier to catch a ride and approach people when you wear smart white/bright clothes rather than rugged, grim dark outfit. That being said, you can be dressed as Santa and catch a ride…

Tip 008 Booking.com, Agoda …

There are numerous reasons why to use these websites/applications to book an accommodation. You can secure your reservation without actual payment, find `perfect` and `cheap` place, save time and take advantage of your flexibility (cancel option). I use them constantly to review place before my arrival, it’s also a backup option.

Tip 009 Hitchhiking letter

I found Thai hitchhiking letter at hitchwiki, a screenshot was enough. It’s not perfect, but it works. A smile, a greeting and a mobile in hand when needed. Hitchhiking isn’t popular everywhere. A few words in local language, explaining your situation, works miracles. Not everyone speaks English.

Tip 010 7-Eleven shops
International chain of convenience stores has its stores in many countries of South East Asia. Most of them are open 24 hours a day and provide a variety of products including local sim card, toiletries and Western snacks.

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