Hitching to Perth – Day 26-28 Perth / Finale

A single ride from Bunbury. I was lucky again. My driver took me straight to Fremantle, part of the Perth metropolitan area. It was early morning. I decided to sightsee the harbor, Kings Park and Botanic Garden before meeting Murray, my couchsurfing host in Perth.

Fremantle harbor

I spent a couple of hours exploring the harbor and nearby remains of Victorian architecture. What was the highlight of the area? My driver recommended to me Cicerello`s, best fish & chips in Perth. It was tasty indeed.
Local bus driver just waved his hand and I got myself a free ride to Kings Park. The park was quite populated. People chilling, picnicking with kids running around. I made my way along the coast towards Botanic Gardens.

Kings Park Botanic Garden

I’ve enjoyed the beautiful weather, fresh air and unique flora. Once I finished sightseeing the area I aimed at memorial site with the panoramic view of treetops, the city skyline and the Swan River.

Kings Park view of Perth skyline

I walked down to the city centre trying to sense the surroundings and find some unusual architecture.

St. George’s Cathedral

I caught another bus to East part of Perth. Murray picked me up and delivered home in time for sunset. We relaxed in his amazing garden… the most beautiful place, I’ve seen that day.

Murray’s garden

Murray replied to my public request, I placed on couchsurfing for Perth. I was curious of his time as soldier in Papua New Guinea and teacher in Nepal. He shared with me many interesting stories.

Next day I joined couchsurfing event. A mix of foreigners and locals were going to hike Eagle View Walk Trail. Murray gave me a lift to John Forrest National Park where I joined them. It was nice to stretch legs. The trail itself was nothing special, luckily I had great company.

Matthew, Me, Alice, Ramona, Pedro, Alicia and Simon

After the hike we had a drink in local pub. We shared stories while watching kangaroo and birds demolish food at tables next to our.

Matthew gave me a lift and soon I’ve enjoyed lunch with Murray. My host spoiled me big time. He cooked for me, treat me with fruit and ice cream.

Murray grilling

His garden was magical. Beautiful plants and ornaments created a powerful combo. On a daily basis you could find there not only birds and lizards but also quenda bandicoot.


In the evening, I’ve enjoyed cinema with my new couchsurfing friends Alice, Simon, Ramona and Fabio. Avengers Infinity War hype was strong, the movie didn’t disappoint me, I had a blast.

The last day in Australia, I’ve spent sightseeing with Murray. I walked part of the Bibbulmun Track, full of black boy plants, very common in this area.

Black boy plant

We’ve seen over hundred years old historical Mundaring Weir dam and enjoyed hot drink before going back.

Mundaring Weir dam

It took me 15 minutes to pack all my belongings. My carry-on 8 kg bag fit all right in. As last minute upgrade Murray offered to swap my big sleeping bag for his more compact version. What a guy. He drove me to the airport in time for my plane to Indonesia.

I had great time in Australia. I made some new friends, seen some incredible places, challenged myself and succeeded. I have my new hitchhiking record of 1200 km. I’ve seen and experienced more than I expected with over 7000 km done. I hope to come back to Australia…

Hitching to Perth

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