Hitching to Perth Part 2 – Mount Gambier and Adelaide

Grampians was a magical place. So many interesting attractions and I’ve seen them all in two days! It’s time to say bye to my campsite.

My campsite in Grampians
My campsite in Grampians

I quickly dismantle my tent. I like to travel light, but decided to upgrade for this trip. I wanted something solid, waterproof and compact. I think I succeeded.


Hitchhiking Tip – Couchsurfing

It’s a website \ travel community, which I’ve been part of for a couple of years. I’ve created an account with my profile and used first time while travelling through Europe. People in many countries offered me to stay with them. I used it to socialise with other travelers and in result made some great friends… https://www.couchsurfing.com

I have sent a request on couchsurfing and have been accepted by Jason in Mount Gambier who agreed to host me for a night. I also left a public request for Adelaide and receive an offer of accommodation from Eric for 2 following nights, which I happily accept. I have plan for next 3 days, sightseeing of Mount Gambier and Adelaide.

I stop and admire several emu on the way to Hells Gap. Cautious birds are difficult to approach. I take a quick shower.I feel fresh, I’m buzzing with energy. I start to hitch in the middle of town.

I have a great start. My first driver stops within a minute and gives me a lift to outskirts of Hells Gap. Soon after I am picked up by Steve who is working on bush fire recovery of local area. I learn from him quite a bit about the history of Australia. I hear some sad stories about Aboriginal natives and Australia’s East Timor neighbours.

250 km with 5 drivers took me longer then expected but finally I made it to Mount Gambier. I have some time to look around before meeting Jason, my couchsurfing host. I find a sinkhole middle of town. The cave is full of plants and surrounded by a flower garden, it’s a cute place.

Jason picks me up, we drop my bags at his place and drive to a restaurant to see his friend. We have great time munching tasty food and chatting on numerous subjects. Jason is a nice host. He ensures I’m comfortable in his apartment, provides a fresh towel and entertain me with stories. We go to sleep early.

Early morning I bye to Jason and go for a walk to take a look at Blue Lake. There are few attractions in the area, but nothing to keep me here longer.

Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier

I’m walking towards the exit of city when the car stops and Michael offers me lift. He noticed my backpack. I need to do some shopping first. He is kind enough to wait before taking me 50 km North. He is working in local winery. I get out of the car and look around. The scenery is spectacular. I starry at colourful vineyards, flowers and trees. I’m not in the rush to find a next ride.

Wally doesn’t disappoint. I enjoy 400 km to Adelaide with rock music and Henry (his ford car). Wally is driving home for the weekend to celebrate his sons 21st birthday. `A beer with the lad` he looks forward to. Adelaide is a big city. Wally takes me straight to Eric’s place. Such a kind guy.

Who is Eric?

My host in Adelaide is something else. A freak of nature, an adrenaline junkie with a head full of ideas and a dreamer. Eric reminds me myself. He shows me my room and explains why he was so eager to meet me. Eric is planning a trip through India, Pakistan, China… the list goes on and I start to laugh. We discuss borders, visas, hitchhiking, camping, hiking, temperatures, sleeping bags and so on. I like this guy! We spend the evening meeting his friends and checking out a salsa bar. I have a taste of fun Adelaide.

Eric recommends me to visit Morialta Conservation Park. He gives me a lift and I start sightseeing early morning. I enjoy a short hike and look for koalas in the area. I find a small waterfall and a couple of nice viewpoints.

Koala in Morialta Conservation Park

I take a public bus and go to city centre. I like nature a lot and look again for some green space. My choice are Adelaide botanic gardens. It’s very pretty. I find a several examples of flora I’ve seen before and admire colourful parrots.

Botanic garden, Adelaide
Botanic garden, Adelaide

The nearby city centre is calling me. I walk through main streets, observe people shopping, working and chilling. Eric is cooking a meal in his mom’s place. I join them. We share tasty food and explore Glenelg area close to the beach.

Glenelg, Adelaide
Glenelg, Adelaide

Eric recommends me a hike and I prepare myself for next days. I enjoy long walks and this one should take me at least 3 days. I think I’m ready.

A) Hells Gap B) Mount Gambier C) Adelaide

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