Hitching to Perth Part 0 – Prologue

It’s a late night in Melbourne. The train is slow and apparently it’s the perfect time for my first post. When you decide to start a blog? There is never a perfect moment. You just want to share something you want to say. Tomorrow morning, I start hitchhiking to Perth! It will be an amazing adventure and I want to share it with you.

So what have I done to prepare myself for this trip?

A green waterproof tent, found on Gumtree, will serve me as home for incoming days. A lovely lady sold me an awesome sleeping bag, that was barely used and is warm. A colourful yoga mat for comfort was trimmed with scissors to fit my 8kg bag. I have a month to reach Perth!

Is Perth far away from Melbourne?

It’s a point of view, about 3400 km in straight line, but it’s never that simple. I’m pretty certain, I could easily complete this trip in a week or less, but there is much on the way that I want to see. A beautiful nature, wild animals, intriguing Aboriginal people and an unique experience… a true adventure!

Why blog?

I hope to help and inspire people to follow their dreams. It’s also a diary that I will revisit to laugh at myself. Facebook won’t be the owner of the posted content, but me alone. By practicing writing, I will get better with time and hopefully publish articles and books in the future. You need a medium to reach wider audience. The most difficult is the first step!

What to expect from my blog?

Lots of pictures to see and adventures to learn about. I hope you will support me and criticise my blog and writing to your heart content. We all have our highs and lows. Your comments and questions will keep me motivated in my times of need on the road. With time my posts will improve and grow with me. I will do my best for you to enjoy the content and learn a thing or two.

Lets start this journey!

6 thoughts on “Hitching to Perth Part 0 – Prologue

  1. Hey Roman! Safe trip wherever you are! I bet you have cool travel stories to share!! I am also working on my travel blog! Good luck!

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  2. Super pomysł! Im więcej źródeł informacji o tym, że masz się dobrze, tym lepiej! A i przygoda zapowiada się co najmniej ekscytująco, więc pewnie materiału na bloga nie zabraknie 🙂 Dbaj o siebie braciszku!

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  3. Hi Roman this is really cool man ! Best of luck for ur future adventures hey when your are back come to visit Italy too ciaooooo 😉😃

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  4. Romcio, uważaj na mrówki i węże!!!!!!!! Tak na poważnie, trzymaj się i opisuj jak najwięcej, bo fajnie się czyta i podziwia widoki, chociażby na zdjęciach 😉 Pozdro! Yo!


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